Why should we all wear organic cotton fabrics more often?

Over the past decade, people have become more and more conscious about what we put in our bodies. We are now avoiding foods farmed using genetically modified organisms (GMOs), synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. We choose organic food for a variety of reasons, but health and environment are at the top of the list.

Eating foods laced with toxins and chemicals is a BIG NO-NO, but what about wearing clothing  that contains the same chemicals?

Cotton is often referred to as “the fabric of our lives;” it’s one of the most popular fabrics, and for good reason. It’s breathable, durable, and can be found everywhere from the clothes you wear to the sheets you sleep on.

Growing conventional (non-organic) cotton requires the use of massive amounts of pesticides, which has a negative impact on the environment and the health of those who farm and wear it.

Some clothing brands are taking the initiative to work with organic cotton suppliers. PrAna is one of them and I’m proud to work with a brand that cares for the environment, their customers, and the cotton farmers and their families. PrAna recently sent me this super comfortable outfit (Remi Waffle  Pullover and  Unity Pant) made out of 100% organic cotton. I wore it on a Sunday afternoon while drinking my favorite cup of coffee and working on this blog post.

Here are four reasons why you should buy organic cotton clothing more often:

1. Avoiding allergies coming from the pesticides, toxic dyes, and other chemicals.

2. Better life for farm owners and their families no longer getting exposed to harmful chemicals.

3. Improving the health of the planet by regenerating life and biodiversity in the soil.

4. Saving water and energy and reducing carbon emissions.

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Thank you PrAna for sponsoring this post.

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